Who Can Use Glutagest?®

Let Glutagest® Ease Your Gluten Worries

Avoiding gluten due to sensitivity is not always easy. There are days where you crave a piece of bread or a cheesy slice of pizza (It’s ok we are not judging… pizza is delicious!). And even if you suppress all your cravings, there is no guarantee that your meal is 100% gluten free as gluten can easily hide in foods you least suspect!

Constant worry about gluten when eating can put a damper on your love of food and hinder your quality of life. Going out with friends to a restaurant, attending dinner parties and weddings or even cooking at home can become a challenge. And while Gluten free options are more available nowadays, they are not typically known for great flavor and can contain more sugar and fats then their traditional counterpart. We believe Glutagest can help you take back your diet so you can enjoy your favorite meals again.

So what is Glutagest?® - It is a new probiotic that supports the digestion of gluten.* It works by breaking down gluten into elements that are easier for your body to digest. To get the most benefit from Glutagest®  we suggest you take 1 to 2 capsules prior to a gluten containing meal and 1 after. Say yes to the foods you love by saying yes with Glutagest®.